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Well hello y’all!

First -- a great big bear hug goes to all of you that have been by my side. Upholding my efforts to make the best country music I can. Thanks to your generous support, I have some good news to share! I am putting together the team in Nashville for a new music project:

                      There’s a magic that comes with being aware you’re “onto something” while you’re onto it. It fills you with a strange sense of purpose that seems to invigorate the project and deepen the vision, even when you feel like all you've got is fireflies to follow, just the hint of heat and light out ahead, teasing you on, leading you somewhere you can barely see in the distance, as if towards an ancient city shrouded in fog, just waiting for you to come discover it.


"Project in the works"   Johncd cover web                      
Album Release: John Stallings Debut Label: Visionway Records Nashville Stoney Blue Music Group/ BMI/2014     “We are very excited about the reviews we have coming back into the label’s office here in Nashville, TN” said Jim Frazier, CEO of Visionway Records, Nashville and producer of John Stallings’ debut album. This is the kind of [...]
 John has been nominated in 4 categories at the ICMA. 1. Male Artist of the year 2.Indie Country Album of the year 3. Country Video of the year 4. Indie Country Song of the year   I want to thank the Independent Country Music Association for this honor. There are lot’s of folks to thank as well, [...]
August Newsletter 2012 Tennessee Summer   Record high temps in July left no doubt in anyone’s mind that summer had arrived in Tennessee, and a smokin’ hot schedule kept John busy as well.  Folks that were lucky enough to be invited, got to extend their fourth of July celebration at a private lakeside party featuring the best entertainment [...]
“Zager Guitars is proud to have Nashville recording artist John Stallings as a new member of the Zager Guitar family.  John’s music speaks to his fans as only a true country artist can. His talent shows that he cares about his music and is a genuine country crooner. John Stallings is truly on his way [...]
  For Booking Information:  There is a movement in country music, to recapture the sincerity and soul of the country music of yesterday. Fan’s are looking for that unique blend of modern sound and classic style. John Stallings is what the fans are looking for. His smooth baritone vocals and [...]